Wayne Fugate

Video Editing/Commercials – Gearheart Media Stations
Wayne Fugate began his career with GMedia in September of 1995 as a shooter and editor. A Knott County native, Wayne previously worked for nearly 10 years at TV12 in Hindman, Ky. Though he’ll never admit to being old, Wayne remembers the early challenges of producing local television programming “I remember when VHS was introduced, equipment was bulky, and there were only a handful of places to buy blank tapes…at $20.00 each!”

While working for GMedia, Wayne notes how technology has evolved in “leaps & bounds” over the past few years. “I’m amazed at how things have changed in just a few short years, from tape editing…now to the latest HD non-linear editing methods that make the final product to ‘Only your imagination’. I’m proud to be part of an organization that has changed with this technology.

Wayne says the highlights on his career with GMedia so far, are the interviews he taped with the late Bill Keightly, and the former UK coach Joe B. Hall, “and who can forget Shelby Valley’s Sweet 16 title, and UPike’s National Basketball Championship!”. Wayne says his job allows him to meet so many of our local people, and that’s one of the greatest benefits of his career.

Wayne attended KCTCS where he obtained his electrical certification. He currently resides in Pikeville.

Contact Information:
Office Number: 1.606.479.6236
Email Address: wfugate@gearheart.com
Website Address: www.mygmedia.com, www.imctv.com, www.gearheart.com, www.mikrotecsecurity.com, www.mikro-data.net