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Inter Mountain Cable:
Inter Mountain Cable is Eastern Kentucky’s BEST Digital TV Service. We offer many solutions for home and/or business such as Digital Phone, Business Telecommunication Solutions, Unlimited Calling, Wireless Networking, Broadband [Up to 10+ meg], Video-On-Demand, Digital TV with High Definition and so much more.


Foxy 94.3 FM:
WIFX 94.3 FM in High Definition broadcasts in 50,000 watts. Foxy 94.3 FM is the perfect choice for marketing your business and services to the masses! Tap in to our far reaching coverage which includes Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia & Tennessee.


WXKZ 105.3 FM:
WXKZ 105.3 FM broadcasts with 6,000 watts in Pike, Floyd & Johnson Counties. WXKZ 105.3 FM is the perfect choice for marketing your business and services at a specific demographic! WXKZ 105.3 FM is the ONLY FM Oldies Station airing in all of Eastern Kentucky.


WXLR 104.9 FM:
WXLR 104.9 FM broadcasts with 3,000 watts in Pike and Floyd County. WXLR 104.9 FM knows how to ROCK! Playing the BEST Rock Collection from the 80′s, 90′s and today! WXLR 104.9 FM brings local High School Football & Basketball to Life!